Sunday, 28 July 2013


                                 NETWORKING FUNDAMENTALS
  NETWORKING- The computer networking refers to 2 or more PCs linked to each other. The link can either be wired or wireless.

    TYPES OF NETWORK- There are 4 types of networks
    1.LAN- Local Area Network generally called LAN’s. LAN are privately owned network within a single building or campus of up to a few kilometres in size. They are kindly use to connect personnel computers and work stations in company office and factories to share resources.
Ex: - Share printer and Exchange information.

    2.CAN- Campus Area Network (CAN) connects 2 or more LANs but it is limited to specific area such as campus of a company or college, an industrial complex, etc.  

  3.MAN- Metropolitan Area Network generally called MAN’s. MAN is basically a bigger version of LAN and normally uses similar technology.
          It might cover a group of nearby corporate officers or as cities and might private or public. A MAN can support both data and voice might even be related to local cable television network. The main reason for even distributing MAN as a special category is that a standard adopted for them and this standard is now being implemented. It is called DQDB (Distributed Queue Dual Bus) consist of two unidirectional buses to which all computers are connected as show main people each bus has a head end  device that initiates transmission activity traffic that is designed for a computer to the right of the center uses the upper bus.

       4.WAN- Wide Area Network generally called WAN’s. WAN span a large graphical area network of own a country or continent.
It contain a collect of machine intended for running uses program we will follow traditional uses and called his machine host. Then term and system in same time also use the wireless transmissions. The host are connected by the communications subnet. The job of subnet is carry to message from host as the telephone carries would from speakers and listeners.

5.GAN- Global Area Network generally called GAN’s. When any person have to connect internet GAN have give one coupon to the user and then connects internet by router. GAN have been used in mainly for satellite networks. It has no limitation for connectivity.